Kerrie O' Reilly

The Voice of Love

I listened in, I found her......She sounds something like this……

My Voice of Love is Allowing
She Surrenders
My Voice of Love Sounds Like Acceptance
She’s Hugely Compassionate
She is Receptive
She Trusts

My Voice of Love Makes Decisions based on what Feels Good
My Voice of Love Guides me to Create
She Allows What Is
My Voice of Love Acts on Inspiration
My Voice of Love is Not Afraid to be Heard

Her Message is Strong

Sometimes my Voice of Love Sounds Like Silence
Sometimes She Sounds Like my Dad
Sometime She Sounds Like Laughter……I Love Her Sense of Humour…..
Sometimes She Craves the Sounds of Friends
Sometimes Her Own Voice is All She Wants to Hear

My Voice of Love is Knowing
My Voice of Love is Unattached
My Voice of Love says No when it Feels Good
……..And Yes when it Feels Better

My Voice of Love Seeks no External Approval, but enjoys it freely when it comes

My Voice of Love, Loves to Sing….. I display zero talent in this department but I still love to I do………..Music strums the chord strings within me

My Voice of Love says Sundays are Sacred and are Spent with no Agenda Doing Things I Love, with People I Love

My Voice of Love Sounds Like Sleeping in Late When I Feel I Need To

She Sounds Like Practising Yoga Because it I love to, Instead of Working out Because I Think I Should

She Sounds like “Take That Trip”

Sometimes I eat mindlessly when she needs my attention

If I ignore her completely she can nestle in the base of my back, plucking at my nerve endings like violin strings shooting messages of pain through my body, this is another way she communicates her needs to me…..This one tends to get my attention.…but that wasn’t always the case

My Voice of Love Blows My Mind…. I Love Her……Like Really Love Her

Learning Her Language was Falling in Love. I Fell…..Deeply…..

Self-love is only the hardest thing in the world to do when you’re not doing

What does your Voice of Love Sound Like? How do you recognise her/him? How does she like to be nourished? What does she disguise herself as to get your attention? Come on over to Facebook and join the chat, get inspired and inspire others by telling us about your voice of love….

Photo Credit: Tomek