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Hey, I’m Kerrie an Integrative Health Consultant Certified by The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Completion Process Practitioner Trained and Certified by Teal Swan, Self-Love and Mindset Expert and Writer. I am currently writing a book to change how we as both society and individuals look at self-love. It’s time to rebrand self-love and make it something that we as both individuals and as society feel really frickin’ cool about.

I am the creator of The Voice of Love an online resource where I write about self-love, self-development and spirituality. Integrative Health, fitness, and nutrition have long been my passions. As an international athlete who worked in the sports industry for many years, holistic health was something I transitioned to from a place of necessity. My own ill-health and failure to remedy it despite my background in the area led me to look deeper into the emotional distress and desperate unhappiness I was experiencing. It was here I discovered what would become my greatest passion, career path and source of happiness…self-love and spirituality.

In my opinion it is not my accreditations, my work history or my client testimonials which authorises me to work with people who are struggling in their own lives today. It is my own personal journey and experience of knowing exactly how painful living with a mind, body and soul, drowning in the depths of self-loathing is. I spent the first 30+ years of my life, hating myself, hating my body, living with a disordered eating, isolating myself, dealing with anxiety, living with ill-health, candida, adrenal fatigue, thyroid problems and the depression associated with all of these issues.

I spent the majority of my life trying to escape myself, trying to escape the body I lived in and often wishing I was no longer here. Did anyone know this about me? Absolutely not, from the outset things looked rosy! Shame is a skilful master of disguise. But it caught up on me.

Anyone who is living in a place of self-hate is crippled by the shame of their very existence. This shame holds us to ransom, keeping us in silence and feeling completely alone in the world. Eventually the pain of living with myself this way became my catalyst for change. Stepping outside my comfort zone began to feel more comfortable than staying where I was as I realised there was nothing comfortable about being somewhere I didn’t want to be. Trying to get out of myself became more painful than the fear of actually going in. That was where my healing journey began.

The journey was by no means a skip in the park. I resisted self-love with everything I had, looking for other less autonomous routes. I threw myself into work, sport, and meditation, hoping to “fix myself” through accolades and accomplishments. When relief escaped me I tried, also to no avail, partying the pain away. I read books, I took courses, I went to workshops, I practiced positive thinking until I was positively ready to give up. Self-help became yet another form of punishment for me. Something I needed to do because who I was needed to be better. This only further exasperated my belief that who I was, wasn’t enough.

The one thing I never did however, was give up. I tried everything and when relief finally did come my way in the form of surrender, it was everything I ever needed it to be. As I began to talk about my experience openly, to friends, clients and family, what touched me the most was the enormous relief I felt from others as I shared my struggles with them. They were no longer alone in how they felt, neither was I. My vulnerability brought relief for both of us. It amazed me how every single person I’ve ever spoken to has resonated so much with my struggle to love myself. I have yet to meet a person who has absolutely no sense of what not loving themselves feels like. We have all experienced this at some point it time.

Self-love is the most natural state for human consciousness to experience, yet we are a world of people who have no idea how to bring ourselves to this place of peace. I find that so overwhelming sad, tragic in fact and something that we simply must, as a society change. We don’t know how to love ourselves, we don’t know how to teach our children to love themselves and we are suffering immensely because of it.

I took the long route to get to the place of love I have created for myself today, and it wasn’t all that scenic. However, I learned such a huge amount along the way. The resistance I put up on my journey caused great difficulties for me, however these difficulties have allowed me to pave a new, less resistant path, one that I share in my writing and with my clients.

To be on the other side of this pain has brought me a level of understanding I could never have experienced without coming from where I came from. It has given me a level of compassion for every single person going through this life, because it isn’t easy for any of us. This compassion, which I now offer to my readers and clients is the reason they most relate to me most.

I believe in assisting others to become their own guru, through finding their voice of love and connecting with their intuition so they can become the person they have always wanted to be, their true selves. Each and everyone of us have that ability within us and I am truly inspired by helping others discover theirs.

I work with all types of clients with my areas of speciality being:

Self-love, Overcoming Self-Criticism, Self-Judgement and Shame

Empowerment, Finding Your Purpose, Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Binge/Emotional/Disordered Eating

Connection / Isolation Issues

Date/Acquaintance Rape.

I specialise in helping people overcome their Inner Critic and overcome Feelings of Shame and Self-Blame so they can come to a place of empowerment in their own lives. I am also a dream interpreter and use this as another method of integration working with all kinds of people who want to gain the incredible insights their subconscious mind is delivering to them through their dreams, as well as being a Integrative Health Consultant of The Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

And YES my work is for Boys too, there are enough exclusive “Goddess Circles” out there that exclude all you Divine Masculines. Empowered women need empowered men, we want you to be free of your pain and self-judgement too and societies expectation of you as “Men”, so your divine essence can emerge. The world is so focused on empowering women at the moment, but what’s the point if we don’t bring the boys with us!! So don’t be shy…I love working with Men Too!

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