Fear‚ the mere word can utter shudders of dread, discomfort and anguish within us. None of us want to go there really do we?  Avoidance feels like a way more cruisy ride, however beneath our fears lie our unfulfilled needs, the needs we have not allowed ourselves to meet. Letting go of our fears can get us the very things we’re afraid of never having.

Have you ever thought about making friends with fear?

What if fear is actually helping us?

What if fear has a really great role to play in our lives?

What if fear is our teacher?

The more I tried to get rid of fear the greater hold it had over me, I wanted to extradite it from my being completely, believing that it was hindering me, that I needed it gone. I realised that by doing this, I was resisting fear and as what we resist, persists…..my fear was going nowhere.

It was time for some reverse psychology with my new friend fear. I acknowledged it, I allowed it to speak, to share its message with me, its truth, the uncut, unfiltered version of what I was really scared of. Doing so initiated hugely positive changes in my life and my physicality along with immense emotional freedom.

How did I do this? I sat quietly with myself and gave out the invitation. Fear I invite you out to play. Then I became conscious of where I could feel fear in my body.

I felt it trapped in my body, suppressed, stuck in my air passage, completely restricting my breath. I felt it in my belly. I gave it permission to move through me.  “Fear, you can flow out of my physical body and into my energy field where I can feel you, you don’t need to restrict yourself to my my belly, my chest, feel free to move”.

It moved towards my throat. I continued,  “theres a whole world out there we can play in fear, you’re limiting yourself stuck in the narrow passage of my throat. I assured her I wasn’t just trying to get rid of her, I wanted to utilise her by setting her free. I wanted her to move outside my physical body so that she could become energy that I could use to move me into action to create the desires she was trying to express to me. I told her I trusted that she had a purpose and It was her time now to fulfil her purpose, she could reveal herself to me.

When we allow our fear to live it’s purpose and share it’s message with us, we can work with it, not against it, we can become a team.

Fear, like anger is an emotion we avoid because we judge it as “bad” or negative. Release your judgment towards fear and recognise that fear can in fact help you. Invite your suppressed fear into your consciousness, tell it, it’s Playtime!!!  You’ll be amazed where fear can take you.

Steps to Making Friends with Fear

Bring yourself into a mediative state by settling quietly, breathing slowly, allowing your thoughts to be without giving them attention

Connect with your fear

Become aware of where you feel fear in your body

Make friends with your fear, tell it you are there with it, you are listening, you know it is trying to help you and it has a message for you.

Invite Fear to move through you body, allow it to share its secrets with you.

Tell it it can burst out of your body and into your energy field, it can transform into energy to create whatever it is scared of not having or lacking

Ask it what would it do it you completely allowed it to act, to take lead?

Where would it take you?

What would it’s next move be?

Allow the answers to come rather than trying to think up an answer, let go of what you think maybe the outcome and simply allow.  Spend some time here……

Continue to breathe and feel fear release within you and move throughout your body. Stay with the mediation until you feel a release. You will feel ready to come out in your own time. When you are ready to come out, gently move your fingers and toes, slowly move your body and bring your awareness back to them room. Take some slow deep breaths and reacquaint yourself with your surroundings.

It’s normal to burp, release gas, experience muscle switching or feel stiffness in the body release during this mediation. This is a great sign, it’s the release of trapped energy/emotions/ in your body, just allow it.

Did you try this mediation?  Share your experience in the comments below.

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Picture Credit: Viacheslav Potemkin Photography

Website: Viacheslav Potemkin Photography