A modern day soul retrieval process, The Completion Process (created by Teal Swan) aids people who are trying to feel good and move forward with their lives. When we experience painful situations in life our soul fractures, that piece of us remains lost, longing for healing and integration, keeping us stuck in unwanted patterns and circumstances, causing us problems and pain in our current life. The Completion Process allows you to feel whole again by accessing these unresolved or lost aspects of yourself from your past and integrating them into the now with your current self. It allows people to move forward from negative and limiting core beliefs, childhood events and past trauma. Because we are unaware of these “blindspots” in our everyday life it is incredibly difficult for us to us to make progress with our unwanted life situations. The Completion Process invites these fractured aspects of our soul into the now, so we can move forward feeling more whole and capable with a newfound zest for life. This process will change your life.

I’ve been selected, trained and certified by Teal Swan personally (in person by Teal herself, not online) in this highly respected and effective method. I create a safe, trusting space of non judgement for my clients where I facilitate them to experience the breakthroughs they’ve been longing for.

I work with all types of clients, dealing with all many types of struggles with my areas of speciality being:

Self-love, Overcoming Self-Criticism, Self-Judgement and Shame

Empowerment, Finding Your Purpose, Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Binge/Emotional/Disordered Eating

Anxiety / Panic Attacks

Connection / Isolation Issues

Date/Acquaintance Rape.

I specialise in helping people overcome their Inner Critic and overcome Feelings of Shame and Self-Blame so they can come to a place of empowerment in their own lives. I am also a dream interpreter and use this as another method of integration working with all kinds of people who want to gain the incredible insights their subconscious mind is delivering to them through their dreams, as well as being a Integrative Health Consultant of The Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

And YES my work is for Boys too, there are enough exclusive “Goddess Circles” out there that exclude all you Divine Masculines. Empowered women need empowered men, we want you to be free of your pain and self-judgement too and societies expectation of you as “Men”, so your divine essence can emerge. The world is so focused on empowering women at the moment, but what’s the point if we don’t bring the boys with us!! So don’t be shy…I love working with Men Too!

Sessions are €150. Please allow 1.5 – 2  hours per session.

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In my session with Kerrie I was guided through an amazing journey into discovery of issues and then she organically helped me (with her curiosity) reach a profound healing through my own conclusions. Would I recommend her? Absolutely! Her style is loving and free of any judgements. With me Kerrie was equally as interested in my realizations as was I. We were a team, and I felt love was the fuel. My session with her uncovered my pain yet, it wasn’t painful. It was empowering and actually some of the time funny. I hope to work again with her. Logistically, being in seperate continents, she made it easy. The Skype session felt easy, and she was very prompt in setting up the appointment. If you want to do some deep healing work and have it be loving and easy, I would say Kerrie is the one to call !“Susan”
I had a very intense healing session with Kerrie she’s so compassionate and understanding. You have the feeling like you don’t need to change anything about you/you are okay the way you are, which is a very important thing when it comes to integrating suppressed aspects of you. The connection was awesome. blessings“Astralaries”
Working with Kerrie was simply amazing. Her ability to hold space for you and your emotions is incredible – like a rock in the waves and an unconditionally loving mother at the same time – strong and stable, warm, caring and nurturing. She is highly intuitive, knew what I needed in every single moment; knew when to speak and when to remain silent. I am so happy and grateful that she was there to support and facilitate me. Thank you, KerrieJana
Kerrie O Reilly is a fantastic listener. The depth of her understanding goes further than the mere concept of your words uttered – she perceives the message behind your words and especially behind the facades you might build up for your defense subconsciously. With soft but firm care she then directs your attention upon the questions, you should be asked, be it by yourself or by her supporting you. So pretty fast there comes up a topic, that is the center of your actual inability to gain a new perspective to change. In this moment she takes you carefully on an inner imaginary journey to let you develop an environment in which you adjust the components met there for the better. The destination is more self awareness in feeling and thought, relief and healing. With new insight gained you literally feel the change physically, coming out of this process. My own individual experience, being facilitated by Kerrie, was very intense and opened up a new quality of perceiving my reality – a precious gift to keep in my heart. I highly recommend her as a companion and excellent facilitator of The Completion Process, who holds the space for you to find your truth within you.Andreas Prößdorf
Kerrie has a very soft and gentle approach. As she was leading me through the process, it was as if she was the little voice in my head, my higher self always guiding me to healing. She knew exactly what to say and how to deal with memories and trauma that came up. Kerrie is very patient, caring and unconditionally present. I feel grateful to have had my first CP experience with her. Thank you again Kerrie! “Sarah-Jane”
I did a completion process session for about 2 hours with Kerrie and it was great! I was dealing with a memory when i was in my mothers womb and Kerrie was leading me through the process very sensitive and responsibly. I felt safe without exception. Afterwards I could literally feel the completion and Kerrie told me she saw how the aspect of my inner child had merged with me. I was feeling so blissful afterwards, i wanted to chase butterflies (don’t know if i just invented this idiom) I highly suggest Kerrie as a facilitator as i had an amazing experience!“Esther”
Sometimes, everyone can use an outside support who is able to listen, to stay open and hold space. Or to receive your own alignment through a guided meditation. We create with our own beliefs and thoughts, a reality. To find the alignment between mind and heart is that sweet space where you allow yourself to let your life energy flow.. Kerrie has been a great friend to me to support my journey and my sweet space. I cannot recommend her highly enough for any journey you are traveling right now.. It is an act of self love to speak to Kerrie.Lianne
Thank you Kerrie for giving me such a great opportunity to connect with you – I’ve been going through some turbulent but awakening times in my life after years of suppressing my emotion and carrying a lot of shame with them, and you really helped me to open up and get deeper whilst feeling safe.  You have a very gentle and accepting way of being able to hear people and give them the space and time that they need.  I’d say to anyone struggling with emotion, having difficulty in hearing your inner self/child, dealing with emotional suppression, and also importantly to learn to ‘receive’ from someone else that your services are invaluable.  Thank you so much for what you do! Leah
In case some of you are sitting on the fence – what are you waiting for ? Only you can help yourselves to move forward and she Kerrie guide you on your way. I’ve just had an amazing session with Kerrie. During the session I felt very safe and understood. I was able to completely let go and dive deep into my feelings. It was very powerful and I feel much freer, lighter, stronger and ready to make well overdue, necessary changes in my life. Kerrie, I’m very grateful for your time and guidance. Thank you so much ! [wolf_testimonial name=“Ioana” avatar="0"]My experience with Kerrie was super nice, It made me open, her personality gave me a safety feeling,the sound of her voice was tender and she was so patient even with the technical problems connecting with skype .Thank you very much!“Denisa”
Kerrie brings a very holistic and sincere approach to her work. She uses many methods which helps one get awareness and heal themselves. One technique which was so eye opening for me was her way of making sense of my dreams and uncovering the hidden meaning in symbols and images in my dreams. I had been struggling with something, and after a session with Kerrie I was so relieved to have become aware of the meaning and amazed to realise how I can move forward in my life. I loved being facilitated by Kerrie and have found great empowerment as a result of her guidance and loving support. Thank you.Carol
I had the pleasure to be facilitated by Kerrie, in her loving presence I felt safe to face my most vulnerable aspects. Kerrie creates a safe and comforting place to dive deep and then holds your hand trough the process. I highly recommend to her as your Completion Process Practitioner.Susanna Särkkä
Kerrie was recommended to me through some friends. They told me that Kerrie is a Practitioner of Teal Swan’s Completion Process. The session began, I told Kerrie my thoughts and also how they negatively influence my current life. She was very professional about the delicate subject, which gave me a very strong feeling of security and trust, which I need to process this topic of my sexuality. She guided me through the process and helped me to connect to a suppressed part of myself. It felt perfect and Kerrie knew exactly when to talk and when to just let me be and feel, giving me the space I needed. I am extremely thankful for Kerrie’s help and the new perspective I am experiencing now….and already have another appointment for a new topic that came up.Daniel
I contacted Kerrie when I was launching my website for my new practice. It was a completely new field of work and knowing about Kerrie’s services in career path direction, I looked for advise. Within a very short time Kerrie confirmed our appointment and told me everything I needed to know and prepare. During the meeting I enjoyed the positive confirmations and validations she offered, giving me the trust in this very new area of work. I wanted her advise on some text I was writing for my website, her review was most insightful and she offered a different perspective of rewording which made a great difference. Interestingly in one particular sentence, where I felt very sure, Kerrie highlighted that the way I formulated this was disempowering towards myself and would invalidate my whole piece of work. At first I was very surprised because it was written without any deep meaning. Slowly it dawned me that this was also a part of myself that I have never really looked at. After listening to Kerrie’s explanations, some idea exchange I went into my own thoughts and discovered an old believe, which I had not worked with. Awareness was the key to my transformation. Clients and colleagues loved the text and I love what I learned about myself.Martin