We spend so much energy drowning our Self-Love, our Inner Wisdom, our Voice of Love, suppressing her, ignoring her gentle requests to be heard, her whispers of need. Eventually she becomes lost and unrecognisable through our deafening negligence and indifference towards her. She raises her voice, we turn up the music. She gets louder again, we invite fear and self-doubt in to drown her out. But love doesn’t give up on us, she keeps loving us, we just don’t hear her anymore.

Love is smart, she gets creative to get our attention, disguising herself as pain or illness, addiction, isolation, eating disorders, whatever’s going to get you to listen. She doesn’t want to hurt you, she just wants to be heard. Still, we ignore her. But Love never gives up on us, she’s always there, she wants the best for you, she is love after all, she will do all it takes to get you to listen, to re-connect with her once more.

When the pain gets too much and we surrender, love is there, waiting….. she holds no grudges, she is all forgiving.

Once you open up to her again, you will melt in her soothing arms, she will hold you, she is love. As you learn to recognise her voice, her screams become less painful. As you begin to meet her needs, her voice softens, your relief grows. As you act on her desires, her soft soothing whispers return, your pain has transformed into strength. Now her voice has become one with yours. That beautiful, loving, caring voice of love – is your voice, it was your voice all along. By listening to her voice, you’ve given rise to your own.

We have no idea of the magic of a seashell until we listen to it closely. We can admire it’s outer beauty, but we have no idea of it’s full potential until we take the time to listen in. What we hear is surreal, we hear the oceans’ breath, the seashells’ source coming from its centre. You are that seashell, a piece of magic, a piece of nature, unique and beautiful, your cracks disturb your beauty no more than they disturb the seashells’. Hold yourself gently, listen in, like you would a seashell, connect to your breath, connect to your centre, you’ll find source is inside you too.

I’m here to inspire people to Love Themselves, to re-connect to their inner wisdom, to find their Voice of Love, through listening, feeling, facilitating The Completion Process and other techniques. By tuning into our Inner Wisdom we can begin our journey towards self-love which I believe is at the absolute core of our healing process. When we peel back the layers and get to the very root of all of our problems, every problem, every pain, struggle, shadow, block, all of our suffering, we always arrive at a need for self-love or more self-love. By starting here at this very point and learning to love ourselves we can face the things that are holding us back and begin creating and living the life we been longing for.

With Love …..So much Love