Move Forward

We all have elements of our lives that we want to change. Our finances, relationships, our lifestyle, our health, career, spirituality, even ourselves. We all want life to move forward in one way or another, but often it can feel stagnant.

We want improvement, we want more……..or maybe less, we want better quality or better circumstances….

What is it you want more of? What in your life do you want to change?  And why, despite all of your good intentions, is this not happening for you?

What Is The Missing Link to Move Forward?

Change requires action. Change requires doing something different, if we don’t do something different, we remain the same. Sounds pretty obvious, right? But often we forget this integral part of creating change in our lives. Create being THE most poignant word here. WE are the ones who need to create this change.

We like to think that things will happen, they’ll fall into place, that if we desire something strong enough it will come into our reality. If we think about it long enough we will manifest it. And we will, but only if we initiate steps towards it. 

Our thoughts, our words and our actions are the tools we have to manifest into our lives the very things we are dreaming of. More fulfilment, a career we love, more money, more love, healthier bodies, sexier sex, more leisure time, more fun! Whatever it is you want.

Thoughts, words and actions are all forms of energy. Each form being denser than the last. Usually it’s our thoughts that begin the manifestation process, we think about what we want. Then we begin to talk about it, the words we speak have sound, they amplify the process, they generate more weight and therefore give the process more energy. Our actions are physical energy that we create through the movement of our body, these actions create the most energy of all. They push the most amount of energy forward and communicate to the universe that this is what we want. This is when things start to roll, synchronicities appear, opportunities arise, you meet the right people and so on. The universe knows what you want now so things line up accordingly. Our actions literally catapult us into the place we want to be. This is how we move forward.

Now Here’s How to Make This Really Work For You

You can shortcut the entire manifestation process by reversing it. Begin by behaving like a person who already has what it is you desire, rather than simply thinking about the desire you long to have. If you want more self-love, approach every single situation like a person who loves themselves would. If you want more recognition at work, behave like someone who is recognised for what they do. Ask yourself this question every single day… “How would I behave if I was the best in the world at what I do”. (or what I want to do). If you want more romance in your relationship, bring more romance to your relationship .

We are all familiar with the law of attraction. This universal law simplified, means that we attract into our lives what we are. Start being what you want to experience in your life and you will attract more of this into your life, this is how the universe responds. And it responds both ways, the universe has no concept of positive and negative, it simply agrees with you, your thoughts and your actions. If your thoughts words and actions are coming from a negative place, this will be reflected in your life, expect more negativity in your reality. If you repeatedly say to yourself, I haven’t enough money, or I could never do [fill in the blank]. The universe will simply agree with you so this will be your experience. Or, use this law to your advantage and put out in the world what you want to receive back. Be generous with life, experience it, breathe it in!

Ok so here’s the fun part. Lets make this relevant to you, to your life, to your desires….

Grab and pen and paper, choose a desire and be willing to get really honest with yourself….. like really…

Fulfilled desires summon honest self-enquiry and a willingness to explore a direction you’ve never considered before.

Follow through these questions consecutively, writing answers to each one as you go along…..

  1. What have I not been willing to do to gain [my desire]?
  2. If I let go of , What will I open myself up to, what opportunities/potentials may arise?
  3. What is it costing me to hold on to this? (emotionally, energetically, financially etc)
  4. How has this been serving me? (Everything we do serves us in some way otherwise we wouldn’t do it. Find the answer to this question with compassion, try not to be judgemental towards yourself, use your Voice of Love)
  5. What can I do to fulfil this need in a healthier/simpler/more authentic way? Is this even necessary to me now that I have brought awareness to the reason why I am doing it?
  6. What am I now willing to do to move closer to having this desire?

Were you surprised by your answers? How did you find this exercise? Share your thoughts in the comments below and send this article to a friend who’ll enjoy it, you can manifest your desires together!

With Love x

Photo Credit: Julie de Waroquier